Posted on: December 2, 2009 9:52 am

That was no accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have watched the replay of the Ballard hit on Tomas Vokoun and in my opinion it was no accident and the Panthers and the NHL are doing a disservice to both players by not acting in a disciplinary manner.  It was clearly not an accident. You can see Ballard swinging his stick two handed toward the goalpost when he hit Vokoun but I think he was trying to make it look that way. Had he been trying to hit the post there he would  have had a more immediate reaction towards his goalie and not another swipe at the post and then him skating off while his goalie writhed in pain. If it had truly been an accident or at least unintended he would have been on his knees checking on his goalie and there might be some forgiveness. They ask Vokoun what he would like to see done about the incident and what is he going to say, I want him suspended or I don't think I can play with that individual anymore. That would go over will his teammates well don't you think.  That was cowardly of the coach to ask him. He should have just responded to the act and dealt with it.Ballard's emotion got the best of him and he feels really bad about the incident and it will never happen again mantra is not enough.  His emotion got the best of him and he injured a teammate. That emotion needs to be dealt with so we can assure it will never happen again. I believe if the NHL and the Panthers refuse to deal with this assault then the police should look into the matter.  I hate to have the police involved with what is  a game.  But whent the game does not police itself then the police have to police the game. In society when our emotions get the best of us an someone is injured as a result there usually are criminal responsibilities. I would much rather see the Panthers and the NHL deal with this but if they dont the police need to. He needs to be taught that there are repurcussions for your actions and that emotion needs to be kept in check and outbursts like that will not be tolerated by the team or the league.  Not this mantra of he feels bad and thats how we know it wont happen again. His irresponsibility injured another player and it is not fair to the injured player that the act go unpunished.
Posted on: October 16, 2009 11:34 pm

Bruins/Stars or It's about time

Well what Bruins fans have been waiting for all season. Consistent effort for sixty minutes. The defense was tenacious, the offense forcing the play to the Stars and the goaltending timely.  TT made the saves he should make plus a few that would not have been his fault had they gone in.  When the Bruins had there few moments of running around TT made the saves to preserve the lead and the shutout. He should just roam less, I think he gets himself in needless trouble sometimes when he is behind the net.  I love Ryder and Savard together, but I think I would like to see what they could do with Wheeler on the line with them.  Begin another strong game.  Still want Bergeron and Recchi on the second line together.  Lucic picked up his game taking the body and being more physical. Welcome back Milan. Stuart, Hunwick and Boychuk were very strong as was Chara but that goes without saying.  Boychuk keeps playing like this and you have a hard time sitting him when Wideman comes back.
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Posted on: October 11, 2009 3:13 am

Bruins/Islanders or the Future looks bright

Well for about 2 and 1/2 periods they(except for Rask) did not look good.  Thank god they were playing the Islanders and were able to come back on a team that has not learned to finish a game yet.  I must say again, I truly like Begin's game. I think the younger guys are coming along very nicely.  Lucic(although not able to finish it) looked great slicking around in the offensive end with the puck, will be able to finish those types of plays and look brilliant doing it. Rask looked just short of amazing in net and with the way TT has played so far has, in my opinion, has earned the start on Monday against the Avalanche.  Morris still scares me.  The thing I really want to see is how well and how consistent this Bruins team will be after the upcoming road trip.  I have always liked this trip to get the team and I think in most years it has always helped them.  Well 2-2 so far and I think 3-2 looks good but we will have to see how consistently they play on Monday.

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Posted on: October 9, 2009 1:21 am

Bruins/Ducks or Johnny Cash & a basketball stat

  That's what I think of when I think of the game tonight.  I think the name of the song is Ring of Fire, but the line I am talking about is "and he goes down down down".  That was all I could think of watching TT play net tonight. Down early and often and having it hurt them an awful lot tonight. The basketball stat I reference is rebounds, saw alot of those tonight too. Some of them hurt some of them didn't. The skater's were brilliant for the Bruins the first 20 minutes and then outplayed the rest of the game.  Hiller put the Ducks on his back in the first period and stole that period.  TT is going to need to have performances like that now and then if this Bruins team is going to make the playoffs. The one thing I have taken from the first three games about the skaters is inconsistency.  They need to be more consistent and need better goaltending. I think the Bruins need to send Rask back to Providence and sign another goalie to back up TT.
It is not developing  Rask at all sitting on the bench.  He needs to play more than 20 games this year in order to develop more. Well bring on the Islanders and I still think they can go 3-2 on this home stand if they can play there game consistently.
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Posted on: October 6, 2009 11:15 am

Bruins vs Hurricanes

Well the Bruins played very well Saturday. Dominating for all but 5 minutes of the game.  TT was good when he needed to be. I have never seen 27 shots feel more like 10-12 in my life.  Did it not seem that way to you?   The defense was stellar. Lucic is going to be something special I just hope he does not give up on his skating and hockey talent to focus to much on the fights.  A good balance between the two would be nice. Begin played very well.  Recchi is a +/- minus 2 allready, he can score 30 goals what good is it if he is out when 40 are scored against you.  Help out a little in your end Mr Recchi.  I also think players are going to have to cover up for Morris an awful lot when he turns the puck over in the B's end.  Bergeron is looking very good to me this year and all the youngsters look like they made great strides during the summer.  Let's hope it continues.  Bring on the Ducks!
Posted on: October 1, 2009 12:35 pm

Versus, Comcast and Direct TV

I just discovered today that I am not going to be able to watch the Bruins game tonight as I am a Direct tv subscriber. I find it odd that the NHL would take a side in the matter between Comcast and Directv to begin with but right on the NHL homepage is a link to email Directv to complain about not having Versus anymore.  How odd for them to do this. I always believe that the truth of an issue lies somewhere in the middle of all parties stories, with that being said this is roughly what Directv says about the deal with Comcast and Versus.  Comcast owns Versus and they charge Directv more than they charge any other tv provider for the right to air the channel and they also want them to air it on a lesser tier than any other provider.  Now they are trying to raise there price again by an additional
20%.  The only way that Directv can afford this is to make it a pay channel and be the only one charging for Versus.  Like I wrote earlier the truth lies somewhere in the middle but I find it odd that the NHL would put that link on there website.  I would think that the NHL would want fair viewing to all there viewers and not just ones on specific tv providers systems.  I am very upset to miss the game tonight but I am more upset that the NHL would choose sides in this. I used to be a Comcast subscriber and I left for a reason.  If the NHL really cared about all there viewers they would make the Versus games that cannot be aired on Directv available on there network. 
Posted on: September 30, 2009 4:10 pm

Season opens tomorrow

Well the season opens tomorrow night against Washington.  I am very excited about real hockey.  Some of the things that I am happy about is for the most part the core of young talent we had last year is still intact, with the glaring exception of Kessel.  I think all of the young forwards( Lucic, Krecji, Bergeron and the rest) all get better this season.  Having said that the will still be missing Kessel's goal output.  I love the defense for the most part, especially if they are able to cover up for the mistakes Morris will make this season. Net is still my concern though.  TT was the best goalie in the NHL last year in the regular season, then in the post season he was just a middle of the pack netminder.  I don't think his style of play works out well in the playoffs. We will see though.  The thing that I like most about the Bruins is that they are a team of hardworking hardnosed guys,  who defend one another when needed and that is the type of hocky you need to be succesful in the NHL.
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