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That was no accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: December 2, 2009 9:52 am
 I have watched the replay of the Ballard hit on Tomas Vokoun and in my opinion it was no accident and the Panthers and the NHL are doing a disservice to both players by not acting in a disciplinary manner.  It was clearly not an accident. You can see Ballard swinging his stick two handed toward the goalpost when he hit Vokoun but I think he was trying to make it look that way. Had he been trying to hit the post there he would  have had a more immediate reaction towards his goalie and not another swipe at the post and then him skating off while his goalie writhed in pain. If it had truly been an accident or at least unintended he would have been on his knees checking on his goalie and there might be some forgiveness. They ask Vokoun what he would like to see done about the incident and what is he going to say, I want him suspended or I don't think I can play with that individual anymore. That would go over will his teammates well don't you think.  That was cowardly of the coach to ask him. He should have just responded to the act and dealt with it.Ballard's emotion got the best of him and he feels really bad about the incident and it will never happen again mantra is not enough.  His emotion got the best of him and he injured a teammate. That emotion needs to be dealt with so we can assure it will never happen again. I believe if the NHL and the Panthers refuse to deal with this assault then the police should look into the matter.  I hate to have the police involved with what is  a game.  But whent the game does not police itself then the police have to police the game. In society when our emotions get the best of us an someone is injured as a result there usually are criminal responsibilities. I would much rather see the Panthers and the NHL deal with this but if they dont the police need to. He needs to be taught that there are repurcussions for your actions and that emotion needs to be kept in check and outbursts like that will not be tolerated by the team or the league.  Not this mantra of he feels bad and thats how we know it wont happen again. His irresponsibility injured another player and it is not fair to the injured player that the act go unpunished.
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